In 1992 Project Ruth began as a Sunday morning program for the Roma children on the streets in the Ferentari district of Bucharest, eventually expanding to be a day center. It soon evolved into a literacy class when it was realized that most of the children could neither read or write and had never been to school before. Since many of these children were already approaching their early teens, they had no chance whatsoever of enrolling in a regular school program. At that time, the education system simply didn't recognize that an illiteracy problem existed. Anybody who failed to make it to school at the right age (7 years old back then, subsequently changed to 6) or within the following 2 years had nowhere to go: no special projects, no adult literacy classes, and no educational recovery programs. After a few years the literacy class was registered as a primary school and soon Fundatia Providenta provided the institutional form which now is the Ruth School. So far, the Ruth School has educated and taken care of more than 2000 students during the last 16 years from its foundation.

Romania Needs


Where Most Needed in BGAV Missions


Children’s Books

Provide books for children in primary school and for other literacy programs in Romania.



Backpack for a child

Provide a backpack to a child at the Ruth School in Romania – Project Ruth.



Biblical Resources

Provide Biblical resources for a Roma Pastor in the Gypsy Smith School in Romania.



Sewing Materials & Supplies

Provide materials and supplies needed for a Roma woman to learn basic sewing skills.



Hot School Lunch

Provide a hot school lunch for a child for one week through Project Ruth in Romania.