In Lebanon, a country where a third of its population are refugees, it seems impossible that a small family of Baptist churches could make an impact. But God likes to take small things and make immeasurably more than we can imagine. The Lebanese Society for Educational & Social Development (LSESD) serves the Church in Lebanon and its region by equipping and resourcing leaders. They address the needs of vulnerable people in the community and the LSESD is at the forefront of responding to the plight of their refugee neighbors.

In Lebanon we can see how a family of churches with limited resources is holistically addressing the reality of its community. They are extremely active in their communities and taking bold actions for the Kingdom of God.

MERATH (Middle East Revive And Thrive) is LSESD’s relief and development ministry. Its’ first emergency relief response was to show Christ’s love in action to those displaced by the 2006 war. Since 2011, most of the resources of LSESD’s community development and relief ministry, MERATH, have been focused on responding compassionately to thousands of refugees displaced by the horrific conflicts in Syria and Iraq who have been left poor and disadvantaged.

Lebanon Needs


Where Most Needed in BGAV Missions


Refugee Food Parcels – One Month of Food

Provide one month of crucial food supplies for one family in Lebanon.



Health and Medical Care

Provide medical attention and a hygiene kit for a family in Lebanon.



Winter Protection Supplies – Bed

Provide mattresses, blankets, and warm clothing for one family this winter in Lebanon.



Refugee Aid and Development

Provide support to one of our Baptist Aid and Development Ministry partners to assist refugees living in their countries.