Get Involved



We believe in the power of prayer and covet them daily, as do our partners.  As you look through these opportunities take a brief moment and hover over one of them and offer a word of prayer for that particular ministry.



This gift catalog offers you one of many opportunities to contribute financially towards the many ministries of the Baptist General Association of Virginia.  If there is another type of ministry that you would like to consider making a financial contribution toward or have any questions about please feel free to call or email Paula Washburn



One of the unique parts of the way we choose to work in the world is that you can go and work alongside our partners on the field in each and every one of the projects and partnerships with which we are involved.  We have absolute trust in our partners on the field to carry out the work without us being present.  But, when our partners asks us to join them, to walk with them, to encourage them and to learn from them – how can we say no?

Please consider traveling as part of a volunteer team to each of these areas and experience the work first-hand.  If you are interested please email Craig Waddell.