4:7 Care Boxes for Ukraine

Your Gifts for Ukraine at Work

As of May 9, gifts from individuals and churches toward this response total more than $353,000.  Thank you so much for your continued support as we work with partners to provide for those fleeing the conflict.

Through our enduring partnership with Project Ruth in Romania, and in consultation with the European Baptist Federation’s Commission on Migration, the BGAV is directing a portion of your support toward Project Ruth’s response to the crisis in the Ukraine. Your donations are providing the weekly transport of much needed food and supplies from Bucharest, Romania, to Ukrainian refugees in the Odessa area. This food will be packed in 4:7 Care Boxes, which meet the caloric and protein needs for a family of four for seven days. For now we are supplying 1200 boxes which cost approximately $44 each.

“[Friday, May 6] our refugees packed 120 of the 4:7 Care Boxes to go on the next transport to Ukraine. They were overjoyed to be able to do something to help!” said Brittany Garton of Project Ruth in Bucharest, Romania. Project Ruth has already sent 240 Care Boxes to Odessa, Ukraine, to be distributed through the network of Baptist churches that are housing and caring for refugees in the area. Project Ruth is using smaller transports to cross the border with supplies for them on a weekly basis. Your donations are helping to fill those boxes each week with the help they need! 

4:7 Care Box meets the caloric and protein needs for a family of four for seven
days in war-torn Ukraine. Our specially selected box contains canned meats,
grains, legumes, canned & dried vegetables, healthy fats, seasonings and
sucrose. The total nutritional value of each box weighs in at more than 50000
calories and 1750+ grams of protein with a total content weight of 16kg+.

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